Origin Workspace event in Bristol

I recently attended an event with Bristol Bloggers exploring the Origin Workspace based in the heart of Bristol.

It’s a gorgeous space that has been designed to encourage Bristol’s business talent to grow! The contemporary workspace has all the services and facilities needed to help achieve your business goals and creates a collaborative environment that is very stylish and on trend.

The space is huge and situated across multiple floors. The lower floor is a stunning lounge area where you can work, relax or even cook in the big open plan kitchen.


On the upper floors there is lots of business space where meetings can take place, and there are lots of startup businesses using the space, which we got to see working away on our tour.

Going up to the top floor, there is a huge rooftop terrace with views of the whole city! It is incredible. This would be an amazing space to work from in the sun.


On the lowest floor there is a massive gym which is great for the active business people and it is handy to have everything in one space instead of having to travel to another gym. It helps that all the equipment is state of the art!


There are multiple payment plans to choose from whether you want to use the lounge space a few times a month or hot desk permanently.

You can click HERE to look at pricing options.

Overall I was very impressed with the space. It is situated in the heart of Bristol and has been decorated as if it was an interior designers dream! I will attach more pictures of the space and event we attended below. Feel free to comment below the post if you have any questions!

See you on the next one,

Max xoxo


Photo credit for the last 3 photos: @theowletblog

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