JORD Watch review and GIVEAWAY!

My favourite accessory of the summer

Being a Beauty and Fashion blogger, I am always looking for new and exciting pieces to fit in to my collection and help me look my best. In comes JORD, a watch company based in St.Louis. They specialise in creating timepieces that fit into a modern lifestyle.

They kindly reached out to me to see if I wanted to try out one of their gorgeous timepieces, and I am going to share my thoughts with you. Stay tuned until the end of the blog post as I will be holding a giveaway in which you will be able to win $100 off your own JORD watch!!

Styles for days!

Jord offer so many different styles there really is a watch that can fit into anyones style. I personally prefer more of a sleek design watch, so I went for the Sier Arcadia pictured below:


Each one of a kind watch dial is cut from sodalite and polished to perfection! One of the best things about this watch is that it comes with two different interchangeable straps. It comes packaged with a leather band, and it also comes with a gorgeous gold metal mesh band pictured above which I am OBSESSED with!

Leather band is pictured below:


As you can see both straps look stunning, with both feeling very high in quality. Having the option to style it both ways for me is also a huge bonus so I can mix and match depending on my outfit.

As I have mentioned above, the Sier Arcadia is made from very high quality metals. However JORD also have many options made from more sustainable materials including many different wood designs which would look great on different wrist sizes. With so many different designs and options including engravings and the fact the watches can be sized for the recipient, the sheer amount of customisation is very impressive.


If you guys have been following me for a while you will know I am obsessed with good packaging. I mean when you pay you hard earned money on a product, you really want it to be pristinely packaged and thankfully I was not disappointed here.

The watches come beautifully packaged and all come with handy instructions on how to interchange the straps.


Styling example:


IMG_6146 2.jpg

Final Thoughts

You guys will know by now that I always give my honest thoughts on everything I review, and honestly I am very impressed by this JORD watch.

With every watch coming with a one year warranty, options for returns and exchanges & free worldwide shipping I would highly recommend these timepieces to all my followers, friends and family!


Jord have kindly included a giveaway so one of you can win $100 off your own timepiece!!

It is very simple to enter simply follow my blog and enter the giveaway through this link:

The giveaway is open for 4 weeks, and even if you don’t win, JORD will give you a 10% off gift code.

Good luck everyone!!!!

See you on the next one,

Max xoxo



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