First Look: Jeffree Star Cosmetics Magic Star Concealers and Setting Powders!

Hi Guys! I wanted to start a section on my blog where we can talk about upcoming products that I am really excited about!

Today I am going to be going over the new releases from Jeffree Star Cosmetics which include the Magic Star concealers and setting powders.

Magic Star Concealers

This has been a product that I have long awaited from the brand. I am obsessed with a lot of JSC products and I have been craving some base products forever!!

Jeffree wasn’t initially going to release the concealers now but due to millions of dollars worth of makeup being sold from him recently and lots of leaks online, he decided to move the release video and release date forward to the 19th of April!!

First off lets talk shade range:

Screenshot 2019-04-15 at 18.08.23.png

Photo Credit: Trendmood

There is an incredible shade range of 30 shades plus 2 colour correctors with Jeffree saying there is many more shades to come in the future. I love that there seems to be a lot of undertones covered as well, as I personally have a strange undertone so I am hoping through swatching I can find a perfect shade for me!

Full list of undertones:

C0 – Pure White
C1 – very light skin with rose undertones
C2 – fair skin with neutral undertone
C3 – light skin with vanilla beige undertones
C4 – light skin with rose undertones
C5 – light skin with neutral undertones
C6 – light skin with olive undertones
C7 – light to medium skin with neutral undertones
C8 – light to medium skin with olive undertones
C9 – medium skin with warm peach undertones
C10 – medium skin with olive undertones
C11 – medium skin with rose undertones
C12 – medium skin with peach undertones
C13 – medium skin with neutral undertones
C14 – medium skin with yellow undertones
C15 – tan skin with golden olive undertones
C16 – tan skin with warm neutral undertones
C17 – tan skin with rose undertones
C18 – tan skin with neutral undertones
C19 – medium-deep skin with golden undertones
C20 – medium-deep skin with warm olive undertones
C21 – medium-deep skin with golden yellow undertones
C22 – deep skin with golden orange undertones
C23 – deep skin with rose undertones
C24 – deep skin with warm neutral undertones
C25 – deep skin with neutral undertones
C26 – deep skin with olive undertones
C27 – very deep skin with rose undertones
C28 – very deep skin with neutral undertones
C29 – very deep skin with golden rose undertones
C30 – very deep skin with golden undertones
Color Correctors:
Peach – neutralize dark under eye circles, dark spots, and acne scars
Green – neutralize redness of the skin

Moving on to prices, the concealers will retail for $22 and contain 3.5ml of product. Here in the UK, the prices have not been announced but I predict it will retail for around £18/19. While I don’t feel like this is an insane amount for a concealer, I do feel that 3.5ml is not a lot of product!! Let’s hope it spreads far and is full coverage. From Jeffree’s YouTube video, that definitely seems to be the case.

From Jeffree’s video we are told that the finish is  “so soft and has a slight luminosity to it, so you’re not getting a dry, matte finish.” I personally love that as I hate matte concealers I much prefer a luminous finish. I just hope it is good for dry under eyes!

Magic Star Setting Powders

Moving on to the powders, Jeffree claims that they are “weightless and ultra-fine – it’s going to set you into place.”

Screenshot 2019-04-15 at 18.21.02.png

Photo Credit: Trendmood

They are available in 8 different shades which is very impressive for a setting powder.

Full list of powder shades:


They are said to have a subtle scent of baked cotton candy which personally I Love the sound off. I just hope it is as subtle as he says as fragrant cosmetics can cause reactions to people with very sensitive skin.

The powders also retail for $22, however I am unsure on the amount of product they contain. The component doesn’t look huge!


In summary, I am very very excited about this launch and I am personally going to try and get my hands on these products as soon as I can to review for you guys.

How do you feel about this launch? Are you excited!? Let me know your thoughts down below!

Take Care and I’ll see you on the next one,

Max xoxo

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