How I whitened my teeth professionally at home: With before and afters!

Over the years I have whitened my teeth a couple of times. It has always been a long process which involved going to the dentist and let me tell you it costs A LOT! It was always something that seemed worth it to me though, as I love having a white smile.

A couple of months ago, a company called Smile Brilliant reached out to me, and asked if I wanted to try out their tooth whitening system! Being a big tooth whitening lover, I was very interested however also skeptical as it was an at home tooth whitening kit, and I know that there are a lot of kits out there, a lot purchasable in shops that really don’t do much at all in way of actually lifting stains and giving you that desirable white smile.

Not one to shy away from trying something new, I agreed to try the kit in return for my honest review. And here it is! 

What’s included

When the kit arrived to me a little while later, I was first of all very impressed by how it was packaged, and how thorough the instructions were. Luckily, having done a similar process a couple of times, I had an idea of how it worked, but I feel like it was laid out very clearly for even the most novice toothie! The kit is laid out in a few different sections. 

First of all before you even think about using a whitening gel which contains peroxide you will want to have a set of custom whitening trays. These ensure that the gel won’t get on your gums, causing discomfort. With the Smile Brilliant kit, it contains everything you need to take your own impressions! No crazy dentist costs yay! 

There are several impression trays, and lots of putty incase you make any mistakes. To do the impressions you mix putty A with B which contains a catalyst to harden the putty. Once mixed, you place the putty evenly in to the tray and insert the tray into your mouth. You want to leave it there for around 1-2 minutes until you feel like it has completely set. Once removed, make sure the impression is good, you don’t want any drags or bubbles. Once you are confident in the impression then you put it in the free postage bag included and off it goes back to smile brilliant so they can make you your custom trays. 

In around 3-5 days depending on location worldwide, the custom trays will be returned back to you ready for the whitening process!

How it works

Smile brilliant gifted me with the sensitive kit as my teeth are partial to sensitivity during the whitening process. 

Included in the kit is 3 whitening syringes, and 3 desensitising gel syringes. As a guideline each syringe is good for about 3-4 applications depending on personal factors including mouth size.

Now it’s time to whiten! 

  1. Before you apply the gel, make sure you clean your teeth with water (not toothpaste as if it contains fluoride this can affect how much it whitens your teeth). 
  2. Twist off the protective cap on the custom tray and apply a thin layer all the way around the front of the upper and lower trays. Dry off your teeth and insert the trays into your mouth, wiping off any excess that comes out with a cotton buds.
  3. Put the trays into your mouth and leave them in for between 45 minutes to 3 hours depending on sensitivity (build up daily from 45 minutes increasing daily).
  4. Once the time is up take out the trays and clean them with water. Now you can go ahead and brush your teeth normally.
  5. Open the desensitising gel syringe, and once again apply a thin layer all the way around the front of the upper and lower trays. Insert the trays in to your mouth and leave for 15/20 minutes.
  6. Remove the trays but don’t wash the residue off your teeth! Leave it on there overnight to really help seal the pores.

And it really is as simple as that. Continue to do this daily until you achieve your desired whiteness. It took me around 3-4 weeks and I am so happy with the result. I will place my before and after shot below:


As you can see the yellowness in my teeth is vastly improved!

I am so happy I decided to try this kit out and I have fabulous news! Smile Brilliant are giving one of you lovely people the chance to win a kit for yourself! The same one I used to achieve these results. I will place the give-away link below:

Good luck everyone, and I hope you enjoyed this little post about how I whitened my teeth! Take care, and see you on the next one,

Max xoxo

P.S I did a whole video on this whitening kit on my YouTube channel! So if you want any more instructions on how I achieved my smile then give it a watch ❤️




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