Jeffree Star Cosmetics Velour Lip Liner Review

Lip Liners were always a product I thought was missing from his Jeffree Star’s makeup line. So I was very excited when Jeffree recently announced his Velour Lip Liners!

They come in 16 shades, and retail for £13 or $16. I recently got my hands on my favourite shade in his entire collection, which is Androgyny.

I am going to be giving you the low down on everything from formula to how long lasting it is, and telling you if it is worth your money!


The lip liners come with 1.2g of product which is more than some liners but for comparison slightly less than a Mac liner which contains 1.45g worth of product.


It comes in a cute sharpen-able pencil design and is housed in a majestic style gold lid to keep it safe. It definitely feels expensive for a liner, which is great!


I have been doing a wear test all day, and one word keeps coming to mind…CREAMY!

These are one swipe coverage, and the formula is insane!!! It feels like butter, but doesn’t budge after it dries down. It definitely made the lipstick last longer than it usually would, believe me! I have been wearing Jeffree’s Velour Liquid Lipsticks for over a year.

What I also love about these is that they are eye safe, so they can be used for the waterline and for eyeliner!


At £13, this is not a cheap liner, however not much from Jeffree Star’s line is. What you are getting is a high quality product, so if you are willing to spend the money to buy a liner to match your favourite lip shade, then I would say it is worth your money.


I would definitely repurchase these liners, and am considering what other shades to get as we speak! If you are a JSC fan, then you know you are getting a quality product.

One thing I do wish is that these came in more shades, as I love to have a liner just a shade darker to create more of an ombre lip effect. Whereas these are exactly the same shade. Hopefully he will release more shades in the future.

Is anyone picking some of these up, and if you have what do you think of them!? Let me know down below.

Take care everyone, see you on the next one,

Max xoxo

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