Jelly Blush!? Illamasqua colour veil blush review

I have never been a huge fan of using blush. I always thought it looked unnatural and sat on top of my makeup in a weird way.

Recently however, I received the new additions to the illamasqua blush family in the form of the colour veil jelly blushes. They are unlike any blushes I have ever seen. The formula is very similar to that of their very popular hydra veil primers, so if anyone has used them before you will know what I mean. It is essentially a jelly like consistency, with very high pigment.

I received 2 shades. The first is called ‘Tonic’, which is a gorgeous shade somewhere  in-between a baby pink and peach. The second is called ‘Frisson’ which has a slight purple/lilac tinge to it and I am OBSESSED. Both shades shown below. Also worth noting is the stunning packaging. Illamasqua are no stranger to high end packaging, and these blushes are no different. Each blush comes in a weighty matte glass jar, feels great in the hand, and due to its size, very portable.

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What I really love about these blushes is they don’t just look great on top of makeup but also bare skin. I don’t know about you, but sometimes when I wake up for work at early o’clock I can look like a pale zombie! Often I can’t be dealing with putting on a full face of makeup for work so I have found myself reaching for these and tapping a small amount on my cheeks. Instantly it brings colour back to my face, and the formula sinks in to the skin beautifully.

Application is super simple as well but BE CAREFUL, these jelly blushes have a very high pigmentation to them so you only need the smallest amount (trust me I found that out the hard way – 🤡). I used the illamasqua IL230 to apply the product and it worked beautifully, so if you are looking for a new blush brush, this is it! The featured image of this article shows the blush blended into a full glam look, and as you can see it looks fabulous on the skin.

These blushes get a massive hell yes from me. Sitting at £20, they aren’t the cheapest blushes you can get, however with 4.5ml of product in each jar, and only needing the slightest touch to coat your entire cheeks, I can see these lasting for a very very long time.

The blushes are available from LookFantastic here ▶️ 1) Tonic 2) Frisson

You can use code ‘MAX20’ for 20% off your order. I do not receive commission if you use this code, I just want to help you huns out ❤️ There are lots of other shades on the website as well, so there should be a shade to suit everyone.

I would love to know if anyone else has tried these? Or if they have tried a blush with a similar formula.

Take care loves & see you on the next one,

Max xoxo

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