My Favourite Summer Cleansers ☀️

It’s almost that time of year again 🌞 when the sun is beaming down and your skin needs to be feeling freshhh rather than congested. I’ve put together some of my favourite summer cleansers that keep my skin feeling summer ready.

  1. ESPA Optimal Skin ProCleanser


I acquired this cleanser recently when I got the ESPA X LookFantastic Beauty Box. It has a very lightweight and non drying formula that feels great on the skin.

What I love about this cleanser is that it can be used as an exfoliating cleanser, or a mask (who doesn’t love a multi-purpose product!). As a cleanser it excels at removing makeup and leaving skin squeaky clean and as a mask it feels like a nice treat and doesn’t strip the skin like some masks I have tried.

Available from LookFantastic HERE

2.   Elemis Superfood Facial Wash


This is one of those cleansers that you can tell your skin LOVES. It contains a cocktail of green superfoods which you can tell are great ingredients for your skin. It is one of the most gentle gel cleansers I have tried, yet works up into a real lather removing makeup and leaving skin feeling summer ready.

I have only tried the smaller version which I received in the LookFantastic June Beauty Box however I am soon investing in the bigger size!

Available from LookFantastic HERE

3.  Clinique Rinse-Off Foaming Cleanser


This has been one of my all time favourite cleansers for a while now. If you want your skin feeling the cleanest it’s ever felt, then this is the cleanser for you. I always use this when my skin is feeling a little too oily or congested and straight after I use it, my skin just feels so soft and great.

A little goes a long way with this cleanser too which is great! It works up into a very thick lather and removes any traces of makeup or dirt with no problems at all.

Available from LookFantastic HERE

Has anyone tried any of these cleansers? I would love to know your experience with them!

All 3 of these cleansers keep my skin feeling fresh during the summer and I hope they help you too.

Have a great day and I’ll see you on the next one,

Max xoxo



5 thoughts on “My Favourite Summer Cleansers ☀️

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  1. I’ve never tried any of these cleansers but cleansing series from Clinique is really worth it – especially cleansing gel, I might actually buy it again 🙂


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