Emma Hardie Moringa Renewal Treatment Mask

When it comes to skincare, masks are my absolute favourite product to use. I love that you can just take those 10-15 minutes out of a stressful day and have a pamper!

When I got my hands on this Emma Hardie mask I was very excited! Their moringa cleansing balm is one of my favourite cleansers. It’s full of so many gorgeous ingredients it feels like a real treat to use. Thankfully this mask is just as luxurious and it delivers great results!

What does it promise to do?

‘A rich intense hydrating face mask, that helps improve skin moisture, radiance, firmness and also helps to smooth out deep wrinkles.’

‘Contains Hyaluronic Acid that helps firm, condition and moisturise the skin and Moringa Oleifera Seed Oil to leave the skin feeling more vibrant, plump and radiant. It also contains Red Algae which reduces the appearance of pigmentation spots and leaves the skin more luminous. An Amino acid derivative brightens the skin, improves clarity and evens out the complexion.’

Application & Feel

First off the mask smells absolutely gorgeous, I think it’s the moringa that we can thank for that. Upon application, the mask feels very creamy, but not heavy, which I love. It also has a cooling effect which is very soothing. What helps make this effect even more prominent is keeping the mask in the fridge, which I love to do, so it can really help sooth your skin.


The mask is applied generously and left on your skin for 10-15 minutes. It is then either left on as an overnight mask or washed off. I prefer washing it off as I feel, personally for my skin in the summer this would be heavy to leave on overnight. My skin was left so smooth and supple after using the mask every time! I have used this mask over 5 times now and I find it a real pick me up.

In regards to the results that the mask has promised, I feel like it has improved the vibrancy of my skin, and definitely reduced pigmentation which is something that I do struggle with.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a mask to really help moisturise, reduce pigmentation and leave your skin with luminosity then this is definitely the mask for you. Emma Hardie is a very luxurious skincare brand, at £49 this mask is slightly more expensive than a lot of face masks I have tried, however I feel like the price is definitely justifiable due to the visible results.

If anyone has tried the mask then do let me know how you got on and what you thought of it.

The mask is available from LookFantastic at:


See you on the next one,

Max xoxo

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