New Darphin Skincare – Lumière Essentielle Collection: First Impressions & Initial Review

If you want hydrated and illuminated skin then this article is for you!

I got my hands on Darphin’s newest skincare goodies and put them to the test to find out if they are worth your money.

What is Lumière Essentielle?

Darphin, a skincare brand from Paris will soon be releasing these new additions to their already very popular Lumière Essentielle collection. The idea behind this collection is to use the power of ‘the finest botanicals to help lift the veil of dulness, boost moisture and reenergise skin for a glowing complexion.’

In the collection already there is a serum, a gel cream and a CC cream. All proving very popular in their own right, Darphin thought it was about to time to add to this gorgeous collection, and boy was it worth it!

Introducing the Illuminating Micellar Cleanser and the Instant Purifying and Illuminating mask. 

I’ve had a few days to play with these beauties and thought I would report back to give you my first impressions and initial review.

Instant purifying and illuminating mask

I had to talk about this product first as its my favourite out of the two. Now, I LOVE a face mask. A skincare product that I can pick up when my skin needs it, apply it, and a short time later my skin feels fresh and picked up.


I have tried this mask out twice in the short few days that I have had it, and I can honestly say that I feel a difference in my skin. It’s worth pointing out that during the winter/cold months here in the UK, my skin is dry/combination. I have multiple masks which combat spots and blemishes etc however those masks always feel harsh on my skin. I really wanted a mask which gave back to my skin,made it feel glowy and soft and felt like it was helping my skin rather than drying it out. That is exactly what this mask did.

There are 2 steps to this mask so technically you are really getting 2 masks in 1 package.

Step 1: ‘Instant purifying mask helps refine skin texture and unclog pores with Kaolin Clay.’

Step 2: ‘Instant illuminating mask weightlessly hydrates and enhances radiance with Hyaluronic Acid and essential oils of citrus, florals, ginger and cedar wood.’

After cleansing I applied step 1 to my skin with a clean foundation brush. I like to use brushes instead of my fingers as I find they better apply the product. It spread very well, meaning I didn’t need to apply a lot. It felt very refreshing and cooling and I had an overwhelming sensation that I was at the spa getting a facial from the smell of the mask! Darphin states that this mask was made to capture the glow of a spa-facial at home and they weren’t kidding. It was like they captured the smell of a spa and packaged it up. This is a massive plus point from me as spa facials are very expensive. So anything that lets me get that feeling at home is a win. It gave me the sensation of the mask being very luxurious. I have never used a mask that gave me that luxury feeling.

I washed off step 1 with warm water after 5 minutes as instructed, which washed off very easily. I then proceeded to apply step 2. This step, once again smelt just like the spa, spread on like a dream and felt very luxurious. This step is meant to be left on for 5 minutes and then any excess product is supposed to be massaged into the skin. My skin must have been feeling dry and been enjoying the product because it soaked in all remaining product within the 5 minutes!

My skin felt hydrated, soft and very glowy, and I loved it. When I woke up the next day, my skin honestly looked so refreshed I wondered if I had just found my GO TO mask!

Illuminating micellar cleanser


I was very pleased to find that this cleanser has the exact same ‘spa’ smell as the mask does. I am not normally overly fond of scents in skincare but the spa scent just exudes luxury, and there is nothing better than having that feeling like you’ve got quality products that are worth the price tag.

This cleanser is gorgeous! Darphin are not playing with their new products. This cleanser states ‘illuminating essential oils help melt away makeup, impurities and lift the dull veil from the skins surface.’

I applied it onto my skin which had some remaining makeup on it during the day. Not only did it remove all my remaining makeup, but it made my skin feel very hydrated and not dry at all like a lot of face washes I have tried. It is very gentle and once again my skin loved this, with neither the mask or this cleanser resulting in me having any breakouts which are very common for me.

I have tried this cleanser 4 or 5 times within the last few days and am finding it a joy to use. I look forward to cleaning my skin so I can feel like I am at the spa again! Like the mask, this has become an instant favourite for me and is being added to my list of favourite skincare products.

Final thoughts

I think you can tell how much I am loving these skincare products. They feel luxurious and have made my skin feel better than ever so what’s not to love!

I am going to continue to use them both over the next few weeks and will report back with how they work on a long term basis as I don’t like to give a final review on skincare products that I have only used for a few days. But if they continue to make my skin feel the way it does now, then they are complete winners in my eyes. Good job Darphin!

These skincare goodies will be out very soon and you can get them from

I hope you enjoyed learning more about these products. If anyone has tried them out or has any questions then comment down below and let me know ❤️

Take care everyone!

See you on the next one,

Max xoxo


*These products were Kindly sent to me from LookFantastic. However, all views are my own and are not in any way shaped by my involvement with them 💕*

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